AISSEE 2020 | Section C | English

The blog presents the solved Section C, that consists of English Language of the All India Sainik School Entrance Exam (AISSEE) held in Jan 2020. I hope this exercise would help the new aspirants to practise their English Language  for AISSEE as well as other competitive exams.

Section C – Language

Read the following passage and answer the questions (Questions 76 to 80)

Midas, the king, was a greedy person. He loved gold more than anything in the world. He had lots of wealth but was never really a happy person.
One day God Bacchus came to Midas. Midas had once helped god Bacchus and in return Bacchus offered him a gift. “What shall I give you to make you happy”, God asked him. Midas thought for a while and then said, “Please give me the power to turn everything I touch into gold”. Bacchus laughed and said, “Your wish is granted. As soon as the Sun rises tomorrow, you will have a golden touch”.
The next morning Midas woke up, and he had his golden touch. He touched his bed, the chairs, doors, windows and all became gold.
Suddenly, he felt very hungry. He sat at the table but soon as the food touched his lips, it turned into gold. So did the water. It seemed he could no longer eat or drink. After sometime, his daughter came to him. When he put his hand on her, she became a gold statue. In the end, Midas became very sad and prayed God Bacchus to take away the golden touch from him.

76. What kind of man was Midas ?

(a) a greedy person
(b) a great miser
(c) a brave man
(d) wise man

Ans. (a)

77. Who came to Midas one day ?

(a) God Jesus
(b) God Bacchus
(c) God Zeus
(d) God

Ans. (b)

78. Why did Bacchus offer him a gift ?

(a) because he had helped God once
(b) because he had pleased Bacchus
(c) because he had annoyed Bacchus
(d) because he cared for Bacchus

Ans. (a)

79. What was Midas’ wish ?

(a) to become rich
(b) to turn anything into gold
(c) to turn his daughter a golden
(d) to become powerful

Ans. (b)

80. Who turned into gold statue when Midas touched ?

(a) daughter
(b) son
(c) uncle
(d) aunt

Ans. (a)

Rearrange the following words/ phrases to make meaningful sentences. Choose the correct sequence.

81. it (a)/ life is (b)/ what we (c)/ all that (d)

(a) abcd
(b) cdba
(c) dabc
(d) dcba

Ans. (d)

82. gold (a)/ is not (b)/ glitters (c)/ all that (d)

(a) abcd
(b) cdab
(c) dabc
(d) dcba

Ans. (d)

83. playing (a)/ in the (b)/ park (c)/ children are (d)

(a) abcd
(b) bcda
(c) dabc
(d) cdab

Ans. (c)

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate option.

84. Either work hard ______ give up studies.

(a) nor
(b) or
(c) and
(d) but

Ans. (b)

85. He is afraid ______ the dog.

(a) om
(b) of
(c) in
(d) by

Ans. (b)

86. He _______ tea every morning.

(a) drinks
(b) is drinking
(c) drank
(d) drunk

Ans. (a)

87. The child has been missing _______ yesterday.

(a) for
(b) of
(c) by
(d) since

Ans. (d)

Do as directed :

88. John is my _______ brother (Find out the correct adjective)

(a) elder
(b) bigger
(c) old
(d) young

Ans. (a)

89. French is ________ easy language. (Select the correct article)

(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) none

Ans. (b)

90. Ashok _______ him yesterday.

(a) meet
(b) met
(c) will meet
(d) is meeting

Ans. (b)

Choose the most appropriate option.

91. Which word means nearly the same as “sufficient” ?

(a) infinite
(b) adequate
(c) merry
(d) surplus

Ans. (b)

92. Which word is the opposite of “simple”

a) complex
(b) easy
(c) obey
(d) show

Ans. (a)

93. A list of books in a library

(a) monologue
(b) dialogue
(c) catalogue
(d) diary

Ans. (c)

94.Find the feminine gender of “horse”

(a) mare
(b) doe
(c) ewe
(d) ram

Ans. (a)

95. Choose the word which means the opposite of “RISE”

(a) fall
(b) smooth
(c) pride
(d) rash

Ans. (a)

96. Choose the word which means same as “GRIEF”

(a) cheerful
(b) sorrow
(c) happy
(d) injury

Ans. (b)

97. One who does not believe in the existence of God

(a) theist
(b) pacifist
(c) ascetic
(d) atheist

Ans. (d)

98. The match has been postponed ________ it has been raining outside. (Supply conjunction)

(a) so
(b) because
(c) therefore
(d) and

Ans. (b)

99. This is the boy _______ parents have died. (Supply correct pronoun)

(a) whose
(b) who
(c) whom
(d) his

Ans. (a)

100. He doesn’t help the poor, ________ ? (Use question tag)

(a) did he
(b) does he
(c) doesn’t he
(d) do he

Ans. (b)



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