1. A Pretty Game | English | Class 3

1. Read the poem aloud.

Ans. Here is a audio that reads the poem.


Child reads:

2. How do you play hide and seek. Tell in short.

Ans. In the game of hide and seek we all friends gather together. One player is selected to take the den. This player closes his eyes and counts until ten. Before his counting finishes all other players have to hide. The first person to be found hiding is selected for the next den.

3. Name any five other games that you play and enjoy.

Ans. The other five games I enjoy playing are:

  1. kho-kho
  2. badminton
  3. cricket
  4. caroom
  5. snakes and ladders

4. Copy the names of the colours of the rainbow given below.

Ans. Colours of rainbow :

  1. violet
  2. indigo
  3. blue
  4. green
  5. yellow
  6. orange
  7. red

5. Draw a picture of rainbow.

Ans. Draw a rainbow on your own. To see the colors refer below image.



Download a sheet to color : rainbow

6. Write rhyming word related to (a) weather (b) sky

Ans. Rhyming words:

  • weather – together
  • sky – good-bye

Download a practice crossword: crossword_rainbow


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