5. The Story of Sindbad the Sailor | English | Class 3

1. Write at least one or two lines about the following with the help of the story.

(a) Sindbad

    • Sindbad was a famous sailor who lived in Bagdad.
    • He was honest, generous and brave.
    • He had many adventures on each of his voyages.
    • He never lost heart and hope in dangerous situations. 

(b) The sea-monster

    • The sea-monster was so huge that it appeared as an island.
    • When the sailors unknowingly went to picnic on the sea-monster’s back and set fire to cook meal, it began to move.
    • The sea-monster plunged deep into the sea.

(c) The King of the island

    • The King was impressed by the way Sindbad told him what had happened.
    • He also asked Sindbad to stay with him, and work as an officer at the port.
    • The King gave valuable gifts to Sindbad when Sindbad left the island with the merchant ship.

2. Imagine what the people there might have said on the following occasions. Write it down. You may write it in one or two lines or you may write a long speech, if you like.

(Answers here may vary as per person, however can be used as  guideline)

(a) People on the ship saw a small island at a distance.

Ans. Oh ! What a beautiful island to see after a long sea journey !. Let’s spend some time and relax here before going ahead.

(b) The island began to shake and move.

Ans. My God !, whats wrong, is it an earthquake ?. Lets run to safety. Help ! Help !

(c) Some people managed to climb aboard the ship.

Ans. My God ! What a relief, we didn’t realize it was not an island but a sea-monster. Thank God ! we escaped, but few of our friends could not. May God help them.

(d) The grooms saw Sindbad on the shore. 

Ans. The person looks like a lost traveller and seems exhausted and hungry. He may be in some difficulty. Lets give him something to eat and then take him to the King. the King may help him out.

e) The Captain of the Ship recognised Sindbad.

Ans. Thank God ! Sindbad you are alive. I’m very happy to see you again. We missed you very much. We thought that you had drowned in the sea. Now, you can have all your merchandise.

f) Sindbad said goodbye to the King.

Ans. Goodbye Sindbad !. I wish you all the best for your future voyages and hope to see you again in future.

3. Use the letters in the following words to make new and meaningful words. (At least 5 each)

(a) merchandise 

    • rice
    • hand
    • made
    • nice
    • ear

(b) immediately

    • made
    • date
    • eat
    • late
    • meat

(c) exhausted

    • use
    • hut
    • date
    • seed
    • exhaust

(d)  valuable

    • value
    • able
    • label
    • all
    • ball

(e) generous

    • green
    • our
    • sure
    • son
    • sun

4. From the lesson, find and list all the words that begin with :

(Students can do this activity on their own and answers can vary as per person, however the below answer can be take as a guideline)

(a) the letter “s”

  • Sindbad
  • sailor
  • stories
  • stopped
  • sailing
  • surprised …

Framing sentences:

  • Sindbad was a famous sailor from Bagdad.
  • A sailor has to spent many days on ship.
  • My grandmother tells me stories.
  • I stopped telling lies after that incident.
  • The ships are sailing in the deep sea.
  • I was surprised to know the twist in the story.

Similarly complete the next answer.

(b) the letter “i”

  • island
  • in
  • it …









1 Comment

  1. Match the words with the correct meanings
    A. Ans. B
    1. Overjoyed. Very happy (a) very kind
    2. Valuable. Very costly. (B)very happy
    3.generous. Very kind. (C)very costly

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