3. Tenali Raman Draws a Picture | English | Class 3

Download the lesson here : 3._Tenal_ Raman_Draws _a _Picture

1. Read the skit aloud and enact it.

Ans. Here is the enacted audio:

2. Answer the following questions:

(a) What did the King see on Raman’s board ?

Ans. The King did not see anything on Raman’s board.

(b) Had Raman really drawn a cow eating grass ?

Ans. No, Raman had not drawn, a cow eating grass.

(c) Can a cow walk away from a picture ?

Ans. No, a cow cannot walk away from the picture.

3. Retell the above story in the form of a joke.

Ans. Here is the story presented in the form of joke:



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