7. Khashaba Jadhav | English | Class 3

Download the chapter : Here

Q1. Find the answers to the following from the lesson:

(a) Who takes part in the Olympic games ?

Ans. Sportsmen from many different countries of the world participate in the Olympic games.

(b) What medals are given in the Olympics ?

Ans. The winners in the Olympics are given gold, silver and bronze medals.

(c) Where was Khashaba Jadhav born ?

Ans. Khashaba Jadhav was born in a village called Goleshwar in Satara district in Maharashtra.

(d) What sport did he like ?

Ans. Khashaba Jadhav was fond of kabaddi, mullkhamb, running, swimming and gymnastics.

(e) How many bouts did Khashaba Jadhav win at Helsinki ?

Ans. Khashaba Jadhav easily won the first five bouts at Helsinki.

(f) How did people in Khashaba’s village welcome him ?

Ans. The people in Khashaba’s village gave him a grand welcome with a procession of  151 bullock carts, carrying him home to the sound of dhols.

(g) Did the Principal get his house back again ?

Ans. Yes, the Principal got his house back again.

Q2. Listen to the following words carefully and write them down.

  • wrestler
  • youngest
  • taught
  • people
  • facilities

Q3. Look at the following words carefully and copy them in your notebook.

  • especially
  • competition
  • encouraged
  • differences
  • international
  • participants
  • immediately
  • government

Q4. Use two or more letters from the word to make other words.

Example: heard – he, are, ear, hear, head, red, dare, hare

  • wrestling – rest, sit, in, wrist, stir, win
  • wrestler – rest, set, wet, west, steer
  • therefore – there, here, for, free, tree
  • national – nation, in, not, tan, at
  • motherland – mother, land, and, other, moth, ear

Q5. Read the words aloud and find the odd-man-out in each group.

  • catch-match-watch – – > watch
  • some-come-home – – > home
  • that-chat-what – – > what
  • five-give-dive – – > give
  • those-nose-lose – – > lose
  • here-there-where – – > here

Q6. Read the following sentences. On each sentence, frame a question starting with the given word.

(a) Khashaba loved to watch wrestling bouts. – What

Ans. What did Khashaba loved to watch ?

(b) His father took him to see the bouts. – Who

Ans. Who took him to see bouts ?

(c) He would sit on his father’s shoulders. – Where

Ans. Where would he sit ?

(d) He beat the national champion in 1948. – When

Ans. When did he beat the national champion ?





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