8. A Honey Bee Speaks | English | Class 3

Download the chapter : Here

Q1. Answer the following questions:

(a) Why is the bee called a busy bee ?

Ans. The bee is very hard at work the whole day, hence they are called busy bee.

(b) What work do young bees do ?

Ans. The young bees look after the larvae, they also feed and  protect them.

(c) What do the older bees do ?

Ans. The older bees fly out of the comb to gather nectar and pollen from the flowers. They also turn the thin nectar to sweet thick honey.

(d) What weapon does the bee have ?

Ans. The weapon of the bees is its sting.

(e) When does the bee use its weapon ?

Ans. The bee uses its weapon when anyone comes near their comb to disturb it.

Q2. Find the meaning of the following from the lesson :

  • honeycomb : the place where honey bees live, is a structure of hexagonal cells made up of wax
  • beeswax: the wax produced by bees to make honeycombs
  • nectar : a sweet fluid produced within within flowers
  • pollen: a fine powder made up of micro-spores produced by male plants

Alphabetical order: beeswax, honeycomb, nectar, pollen

Q3. Present a part of the monologue in the classroom.

Ans. Students can try the act.

Q4. We use the word “busy as a bee” to describe a person who keeps working happily all the time. What qualities do you think of when you think of the following animals:

  • lion:  as brave as a lion
  • elephant: as big as an elephant
  • ant: as hard-working as an ant
  • fox: as cunning as a fox
  • tortoise: as slow as a tortoise
  • monkey: as tricky as a monkey
  • butterfly: as beautiful as a butterfly
  • cow: as mild as a cow
  • horse: as strong as a horse

5. Find out what a beehive is.

Ans. A beehive is an enclosed, man-made structure in which some honey bee species of the subgenus Apis live and raise their young.  

Students can find more information according to their interest.

6. Draw a picture of honeybee cells.




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