18. Look Before You Leap ! | English | Class 3

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Q1. Answer the following questions:

(a) What was the pond like in summer ?

Ans. In summer, with the hot blazing sun in the sky the pond began to dry. Without water the lilies too dried up and there were very few insects to be found.

(b) Why were the frogs worried ?

Ans. In summer the pond began to dry and there were very few insects to be found as food. They knew that in such a situation they will have to leave the pond and travel in hot sun to find a new place that will have plenty of water and food. As they were not sure where such a place was to be found they were worried.

(c) Why did the frogs begin to jump for joy ?

Ans. While searching for a new place, when the frogs saw a well having plenty of water they began to jump for joy.

(d) What was the well like ? Describe it in two or three lines

Ans. The well was built in stone and had a high circular wall. The well was quite deep but there was a lot of water still left at its bottom.

(e) What problem did the frog see ?

Ans. The frogs realized the problem that they can easily dive into the well, but cannot come out, if the well dries up. The walls of the well were so high that they would not be able to come out and search a new place and probably could die inside.

Q2. Guess the meaning of the following phrases. Then use them in your own sentences :

  • long long ago : a very long time ago

Sentence: Long long time age there lived a wise King in Persia.

  • all day long : the whole day

Sentence: The farmer honestly worked all day long.

  • last forever : to last for a very long time

Sentence: The holy man said that good deeds last forever.

  • jump for joy : feel very happy

Sentence: On seeing his friends the child had a jump for joy.

  • the sooner, the better : the earlier some events happen the better

Sentence: The Minister asked the Police; “catch the thief: the sooner the better”.

Q3. Describe the following in your words, using your own idea and experiences :

(a) The rainy season:

Ans. The rainy season in Maharashtra starts from the middle of June and lasts till October. It rains heavily in coastal regions of Maharashtra. It is this season when our school  restarts. We buy new raincoats, foot wears and umbrellas along with our new books.  It gets greener allover and nature has its most beautiful appearance. The farmers too start with their work of sowing and ploughing and buying seeds and fertilizers. With the augment of rain all lives seem to have a new beginning and provide a huge relief from the hot summer.

(b) The cold season

(c) The hot season

Q4. What precautions will you take on the following occasions ?

Ans: Answers in this question may vary from person to person, however the below answers can be taken as reference.

  • Crossing the road : see properly at left side and right side of the road
  • On a picnic in a new place : do not wander alone and stay in group
  • Boarding a bus or getting down from it : let the bus first stop and only then board or get down
  • Going somewhere on your own: do not share all your information with strangers
  • Jumping down : check the height and also before jumping see if you can also safely come back
  • Climbing a tree : see if the tree has strong branches and also check if it is too dangerous in case you have a fall

Q5. This is a story that explains the saying “Look before you leap”. Can you think of stories that explain other proverbs ? Tell the story about any one of the following proverbs :

  • Self-help is the best help
  • Slowly but steadily wins the race
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed
  • Union is strength
  • Better late than never

Q6. Make a collection of proverbs.

Ans: Here are a few proverbs provided, students can also add theirs:

  • There is no rose without a thorn.
  • Might is right.
  • Barking dogs seldom bite.
  • Practice makes a man perfect.
  • As you sow so shall you reap.


  • Time and tide waits for none.


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