01. Rain in the Night | English | Class 4

Q1. Answer the following questions :

a) How long has it been raining ?
Ans. It has been raining throughout the night.

(b) What effect will the rain have on the following :
Ans. • kitty : the lazy kitten’s feet will get washed.
roses : The roses will have the rain drops on them look like diamonds, the Kings and Queen wear at court
pansies : The pansies will get muddy because they are short plants.

(c) What is the child planning to do the next day ?
Ans. For the next day, the child is planning to first wash the dirty pansies and then sail her boat at wonderful new places.

Q2. Describe in 3-5 lines what happens when it rains in your surroundings.

Ans. When it rains in my surroundings, there is sudden cooling and the trees and flowers all appear to be clean. All around the rain drops start falling making pitter patter sound. There is water all over and streams of water start flowing along both the sides of the road. Soon people get indoors and watch the rain from windows and balconies. Children start making paper boats A to set in the streams. Sometimes it rains with sunshine and we can even see a rainbow.



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