03. Recess | English | Class 4

Q1. Answer the following questions :

(a) During the recess, what do the children in this poem do ?
Ans. During the recess, the children have a lot of noise. They run and
jump and laugh and shout. The children move here and there and also
walk about quietly in groups. Also some children start playing a game.

(b) Why does no one win ?
Ans. No one wins the game, because before the game could end, the bell
rings for classes again.

Q2. What name or names are used for ’recess’ in your school ?

Ans. Names used for recess in our school are break or recess.

Q3. How do you spend your recess ? Describe it in 2-3 lines.

Ans. During the recess I meet all my friends. Then we all share and eat
our tiffins. If we still have time we play short games and have fun.



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