01: The Universe | Science | NCERT | Class 8

In this blog we present the one word Question \& Answers for revision from chapter “The Universe”, Science, NCERT Class 8.

Answer in one word.

Q1. Name the planet on which life exists ?

Ans. Earth.

Q2. Name the celestial bodies which do not twinkle like stars ?

Ans. Planet

Q3. Distance of stars from us can be expressed in terms of ?

Ans. Light years.

Q4. What is 1 Light Year is equal to ?

Ans. 9.46 x 10^{12}

Q5. What is the distance, from Sun to Earth ?

Ans. 150 million km.

Q6. What is the time taken by light from Sun to reach Earth ?

Ans. 8.3 min

Q7. Which star after the Sun is nearest to Earth ? What is the approximate distance of it from us ?

Ans. Alpha Centuari, 4.3 light years

Q8. In which direction stars appear to move ?

Ans. East to West

Q9. Name the star that appears to be stationary ? In which direction it is situated ?

Ans. Pole Star (Dhruv Tara), North

Q10. In how many days the moon appears to complete one revolution between 2 new moon days ?

Ans. 29.5 days

Q11. In how many days the moon completes one revolution around the earth ?

Ans. 27.3 days

Q12. Which is the closest planet to the Sun, also known as fastest revolving planet ?

Ans. Mercury.

Q13. Which planet is known as “Morning and Evening Star” ?

Ans. Venus.

Q14. Which planets have no natural satellites ?

Ans. Mercury and Venus.

Q15. Which is the longest day in northern hemisphere and shortest day in the southern hemisphere of Earth ?

Ans. 21st June.

Q16. Which planet is known as Red Planet ?

Ans. Mars.

Q17. Name the natural satellites of Mars ?

Ans. Phobos and Deimos.

Q18. Which is the fastest spinning planet ?

Ans. Jupiter.

Q19. Which planet has the largest number of moon ?

Ans. Saturn. 

Q20. Name the first planet discovered with the help of telescope ? By whom ?

Ans. Uranus; William Herchel

Q21. What time the sunlight takes to reach Pluto ?

Ans. 32 hours. 

Q22. What is the approximate age of Sun ?

Ans. 5 billion yrears.

Q23. Which comet was last seen in 1986 ?

Ans. Halley’s comet.

Q24. What are meteoroids also known as ?

Ans. Shooting stars.

Q25. What is the name of first artificial satellite of India ?

Ans. Aryabhata.



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