Change of Active to Passive Voice | Grammar | English

In this blog we are going to practice the change of voice, from active to passive voice Below are given exercises to practice the change of voice with their answers. This can help students to practice and learn English grammar.

Q1. Transform the following sentences into Passive form.

1. William Shakespeare wrote this novel.

Ans. This novel was written by William Shakespeare.

2. We support the honest.

Ans. The honest are supported (by us).

3. I bought the lady a dress.

Ans. The lady was bought a dress. OR A dress was bought for the lady.

4. They love me.

Ans. Iam loved by them.

5. He invited me to his farm yesterday.

Ans. I was invited to his farm yesterday.

6. The girl enjoy dancing.

Ans. Dancing is enjoyed by the the girl.

7. I opened the bottle.

Ans. The bottle was opened by me.

8. I read the story long ago.

Ans. The story was read by me long ago.

9. Australia expected to win the trophy.

Ans. It was expected by Australia that they would win the trophy.

10. The coach appointed him captain.

Ans. He was appointed captain.

11. Who taught you such moves as these ?

Ans. By whom were you taught such moves as these ?

12. The judge accused Robert of greed.

Ans. Robert was accused of greed by the judge.

13. The farmer is climbing the tree.

Ans. The tree is being climbed by the farmer.

14. He taught me to read German.

Ans. I was taught by him to read German.

15. One expects better games from a trained player.

Ans. Better games are expected from trained player.

16. They showed a video of the Jungle Book.

Ans. A video of  The Jungle Book was shown.

17. You must accept what you cannot change.

Ans. What cannot be changed must be accepted.

18. The Captain of the ship showed us some rare shells.

Ans. We were shown some rare shells by the captain of the ship. OR. Some rare shells were shown us by the captain of the ship.

19. The coach reviewed the players in the club.

Ans. The players were reviewed by the coach in the club.

20. They have pulled down the old poster.

Ans. The old poster has been pulled down.

21. The rules forbid players to change the track.

Ans. Players are forbidden to change the track.

22. She made her child do the washing.

Ans. Her child was made to do the washing.

23. Grandmother teaches children to know their true friends.

Ans. Children are taught by grandmother to know their true friends. 

24. All desire money and some earn it.

Ans. Money is desired by all and earned by some.

25. We expect latest news.

Ans. Latest news is expected.



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