Change of Passive to Active Voice | Grammar | English

In this blog we are going to practice the change of voice, from passive to active voice Below are given exercises to practice the change of voice with their answers. This can help students to practice and learn English Grammar.

Q1. Transform the following sentences into Passive form.

1. He was chosen captain.

Ans. They chose him captain.

2. The deer was killed by the tiger.

Ans. The tiger killed the deer.

3. He was seen by my cousin.

Ans. My cousin saw him.

4. Without pain nothing can be gained.

Ans. Without pain one can gain nothing.

5. Silk is made by silkworms.

Ans. Silkworms make silk.

6. The poem was written by the teacher.

Ans. The teacher wrote the poem.

7. The phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.

Ans. Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone.

8. The hermit was praised by the King.

Ans. The King praised the hermit.

9. The ceremony was inaugurated by the chief guest.

Ans. The chief guest inaugurated the ceremony.

10. We shall be praised by everyone.

Ans. Everyone will praise us.

11. The Thief was written by Ruskin Bond.

Ans. Ruskin Bond wrote The Thief.

12. My purse has been stolen.

Ans. Somebody has stolen my purse.

13. The castle was set on fire and abandoned by the noble.

Ans. The noble set the castle on fire and abandoned it.

14. The climbing ropes have been cut.

Ans. They have cut the climbing ropes.

15. This matter will be discussed at the session tomorrow.

Ans. We will discuss this matter at the session tomorrow.

16. Why should I be harassed by you ?

Ans. Why should you harass me ?

17. He was arrested on a charge of robbery, but for lack of evidence he was released.

Ans. The police arrested him on charge of robbery, but released him for lack of evidence.

18. The pet was released by the lazy boy.

Ans. The lazy boy released the pet.

19. Strict punishments were pronounced on the offenders.

Ans. They pronounced strict punishments on the offenders.

20. By whom was the glass broken?

Ans. Who broke this glass ?


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