6. It’s Only a Matter of Practice ! | English | Class 4

1. Answer the following questions :

(a) Who was Chen Yaozi ?

Ans. Chen Yaozi was a very skilled archer in faraway China who could perform wonderful feats of archery.

(b) What did he like ?

Ans. Chen Yaozi liked to show off his skill to the admiring crowds that gathered around him.

(c) What did the old man say ?

Ans. The old man said, “It’s just a matter of practice !”

(d) What could the old man do ? Describe it in one sentence.

Ans. The old man could pour oil in the gourd through the small hole in the coin with such a perfection that not a single trace of oil could be seen on the coin.

(e) What did Chen Yaozi tell the old man at the end ?

Ans. At the end, Chen Yaozi told the old man, “You have taught me something important today.”

2. Use the following in your own sentences :

  • show off : Rita bought a new dress and made a show off.
  • annoyed : The mother got annoyed seeing her child’s report card.
  • doubt (something or someone) : The police had doubt on the young man.
  • If you allow : I shall show you a magic trick, if you allow me.
  • not a trace : There was not a trace of milk on the bowl.
  • boasted : Rohit boasted that no one can dance better than him.

3. If you were to master one skill, what would you like to learn ? How will you learn it ?

Ans. The one thing skill I would like to master is martial arts. I know a person who is a good coach of martial arts. I shall become his student and practice regularly to have mastery in martial arts. Teacher has told me that one can master any thing, only if he sincerely practices for a long period.



  1. Sir where is the Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given in the brackets

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