2 – Location and Extent | Geography | Class 10

Hello students, in this blog you can find the important summary notes & questions and answers from the Chapter number 2, Geography , Maharashtra State Board of Class 10.

1. India is located in the northern and eastern hemispheres of the Earth. It is located in the southern part of the Asian continent.

2. The extent of the mainland India. 8 4′ N to 37 6 N latitudes and between 68 7′ E to 97 25′ E longitudes.

3. Indira Point is the southernmost tip of India. It is located on 6 45 N parallel.

4.Name of the Country : Federative Republic of Brazil
Name of the Capital : Brasilia

5. Some part of Brazil lies in the northern hemisphere while most of it lies in the southern hemisphere. Also, it lies in the western hemisphere in the the northern part of the South American continent.

6. The extent of the mainland Brazil. 5 15′ N to 33 45′ S latitudes and between to 3445′ W to 7348′ W longitudes.

7. India is a major developing country of the world.

8. India is considered to be a global market too.

9. The proportion of youth in India’s population is high. Because this forms a major part of a working population , India is looked upon as a young country.

10. For more than three centuries, Brazil was under Portuguese rule.

11. Brazil gained its independence in 1822.

12. Brazil is seen as a contributor to economic growth of the world and an important market in the future.

13. Continents of the world

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Europe
  4. Asian
  5. Africa
  6. Australia
  7. Antartica

14. Five oceans of the world

  1. Indian Ocean
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Pacific Ocean
  4. Artic Ocean
  5. Southern Ocean

15. We celebrate our Independence Day on August 15, whereas Brazil celebrates her Independence day on Sept. 07.

16. India has federal parliamentary republic type of government, whereas Brazil has federal presidential republic type of government.

17. The name Brazil comes from Pau Brasil, a local wooded tree.


Q1. Are the sentences right or wrong. ? Rewrite the wrong ones

(a) Brazil is mainly located in the Southern Hemisphere. Right

(b) Tropic of Capricorn passes through the middle of India. Wrong
Tropic of Cancer passes through the middle of India.

(c) The longitudinal extent of Brazil is less than India. Wrong
The longitudinal extent of Brazil is more than India.

(d) Equator passes through the northern part of Brazil. Right

(e) Brazil has a coastline along the Pacific Ocean. Wrong
Brazil has a coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean.

(f) Pakistan is a neighboring country to the south east of India. Wrong
Pakistan is a neighboring country to the north west of India

(g) The southern part of India is called Peninsula. Right

Q3. Select the correct option.

(a) India’s southernmost point is known as :
(1) Lakshadweep (2) Kanyakumari
(3) Indira Point (4) Port Blair

Ans. (3) Indira Point



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