4.3 The Bees | Warming Up | English Balbharati | Class 8

Hello Students ! In this blog you can find answers to the Warming Up section of the poem “The Bees” from English Balbharati, Class 8.

1. Match the professions with the field of work


2. Living creatures, birds, animals, insects, etc. are often used in as – as comparisons, because of some special characteristics they hold.
Fill in the gaps, choosing words from the brackets to make appropriate comparisons.

(tall / quiet / humble / merry / busy / slippery / fast / sly / slow / big)

(1) as _________________ as a lark
(2) as
_________________ as a snail
(3) as _________________ as a giraffe
(4) as
_________________ as a bee
(5) as _________________ as an elephant
(6) as
_________________ as a mouse
(7) as _________________ as an eel
(8) as
_________________ as a fox
(9) as_________________ as a worm
(10) as
_________________ as a deer


(1) as merry as a lark

(2) as slow as a snail

(3) as tall as a giraffe

(4) as busy as a bee

(5) as big as an elephant

(6) as quiet as a mouse

(7) as slippery as an eel

(8) as sly as a fox

(9) as humble as a worm

(10) as fast as a deer


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