4.6- The Gift of The Magi | Grammar | English | Class 10

Hello Students ! In this blog you will find the Grammatical questions answered for the chapter, The Gift of The Magi, from Kumarbharati, English Class 10 from Maharashtra State Board. These notes can also be used to learn English Grammar in general for various competitive exams.

8. Pick out the story words that mean the following.

Against each consumer write (N) if it is a Noun (V) for Verb and (Adj) for Adjective.

(1) reluctance to spend money : parsimony (N)

(2) relating to : appertaining (V)

(3) urge : coax (V)

(4) reduce in value : depriciate (V)

(5) wisdom : prudence (N)

(6) very huge : mammoth (Adj)

(7) foolishness : idiocy (N)

11. Frame wh-quetions to get the underlined answers.

(1) Life is made up of sobs, sniffles and smiles.

Ans. What is life made up of ?

(2) Many a happy hour she had spent planning for something nice for him.

Ans. Who had spent many a happy hour planning for something nice for him ?

(3) Her hair reached below her knee.

Ans. Till where did her hair reach ?

(4) She was ransacking the stores for Jim’s present.

Ans. Why was she ransacking the stores ?

(5) At 7 o’clock the coffee was made.

Ans. When was the coffee made ?

(6) The magi were wise men.

Ans. Who were the magi ?

12. (A) Add appropriate question tags.

(1) Della leaped up, didn’t she ?

(2) You’ll have to look at the time, won’t you ?

(3) They were expensive combs, weren’t they ?

(4) I just had to do it, didn’t I ?

(5) I am still pretty, ain’t I ?

(6) Give it to me quick , won’t you ?

(7) There was clearly nothing to do, was there ?

(8) My hair grows so fast, doesn’t it ?

(9) Let’s put our Christmas presents away, shall we ?

(10) She had a habit for saying a silent prayer, didn’t she ?

(B) Supply short answers (Pronoun + Auxiliary Verb)

Question Answers

(1) Don’t you like me ? Yes, I do .

(2) Have you cut off your hair ? Yes, I have .

(3) Shall I put the chops on ? Yes, you shall .

(4) Isn’t it a dandy ? Yes, it is .

(5) Does it make difference ? No, it doesn’t .

(6) Will you buy my hair ? No, I won’t .

(7) Can you afford it ? No, I can’t .

(8) Are you fooling me ? No, I’m not .

13. Pick out the infinitives/ gerunds/ participles from the following sentences and
state what each one is.

(1) I want to see how it looks.

Ans. to see : Infinitives

(2) I don’t like frightening stories.

Ans. frightening : Participles

(3) We decided to settle in Pune.

Ans. to settle : Infinitives

(4) Playing sitar is Arjun’s hobby.

Ans. Playing : Gerund

(5) It was a horrifying experience for all of us.

Ans. horrifying : Participles



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