9- Dress Quickly | English | Class 3

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the Chapter 9- Dress Quickly, English from Class 3. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. List at least five things (apart from dressing) that we have to do all our life – for example, comb our hair, take bath/ shower.
Tick off the things that you are unable to to do properly and quickly. Talk to your parents/ guardians and friends about how to do these things well.

Ans. The things that we have to do all our life are :

• eat food
• cut our nails (cannot do properly)
• brush our teeth
• sleep
• comb our hair (cannot do properly)
• take bath/ shower

Q2. In the following chart write at least two examples of each :


• (a) Things I do without fail :
– brush my teeth
– take a bath/ shower
Things I forget to do :
– keep my books in proper place after reading
– wash my hands before eating

(b) Things I like to do :
– to play every evening
– to read story books
Things I don’t feel like doing
– to end our games while playing
– having my work incomplete

• (c) Things I can do well :
– take a bath/ shower
– dress up for school
• Things I can’t do well :
– write with a good handwriting
– tie a tie knot

Q3. Read the following and circle the things that the Goops would do.

1. Speak with their mouth full. (Goops would do)
2. Cover their mouth when they sneeze.

3. Put muddy footprints on the bed. (Goops would do)

4. Spit on the roads. (Goops would do)

5. Flush the toilet properly.

6. Wipe dirty hands on their clothes. (Goops would do)

7. Pick their noses. (Goops would do)

8. Switch off fans and lights when leaving a room.

9. Push people on the stairs. (Goops would do)

10. Wait in a queue.

11. Use other people’s things without their permission. (Goops would do)

12. Throw garbage in a dustbin.

Q4. Write the pair of rhyming words you see at the end of the poem.

– worry – hurry
– before – floor

Q5. Make new words by adding ”-ly” to the following words. Then use the new words in your own sentences.

– slow = slowly : The tortoise walks slowly.

– nice = nicely : Our new classmate behaves nicely with us.

– proper = properly : My friend properly writes all his notes.

– loud = loudly : Our neighbour plays music very loudly.

– soft = softly : My grandmother speaks softly with me.

– clear = clearly : I can clearly see the garden from my window.

– neat = neatly : I keep my books neatly.


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