Finite and Non-finite Verbs | Grammar | English

In this blog we are going to learn and practice the Finite and Non-finite verbs. Below are given exercises to practice the change of voice with their answers. This can help students to practice and learn English Grammar.

Finite and Non-finite Verbs.

1. Verbs are Action words. They can be :

(a) Finite verbs

(b) Non-finite verbs

i.) Finite Verb : Let us read the sentences below, focusing on the verbs.

(a) I play music.
(b) He plays music.
(c) They play music.
(d) Rohan plays music.
(e) I played music.
(f) I shall be playing music.

From above examples we notice that the verb play changes as we change the person (First / Second /Third) or the tense (past/ present/ future) or Number (Singular / Plural) of the Subject.

When the use of a verb is limited by the Person or tense or Number of the Noun /Pronoun in the Subject, we call it a Finite Verb.

i.) Non-finite Verb : Let us read the sentences below.

(a) I like to play music.
(b) He likes to play music.
(c) They like playing music.
(d) Rohan likes playing music.
(e) I liked to play music.
(f) I would like to play music.

In the sentences above the verb to play or playing do not change or take -s or -es after them, even when we change the Tense or Person or Number of the Subject.

Thus to + verb / verb + ing / verb + en / ed / having + verb + en / ed are not limited by their Subject. Such verbs are called Non-finite Verbs.

Complete the below exercise by find out the finite verb. and non-finite verb.

1. He decides to go to a hermit.

Ans. decides – finite verb, to go – non-finite verb

2. I have come to you, wise hermit.

Ans. come – finite verb

3. He gave the reward to none.

Ans. gave – finite verb

4. The hermit was digging the ground.

Ans. digging – non-finite verb

5. I pray you, to answer my questions.

Ans. pray – finite verb, to answer – non- finite verb

6. ‘‘Forgive me.’’

Ans. forgive – finite verb

7. The sun began to sink.

Ans. began – finite verb, to sink – non-finite verb


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