1.2- The Thief ’s Story | Grammar | English | Class 10

In this blog we are going to learn and practice the questions from English Workshop section of The Thief ’s Story, by Ruskin Bond, from English, Class 10. Below are given solved exercises to practice English Grammar. This can helpful to students to practice and learn English Grammar.

2. Insert the appropriate word/phrase given below, in the sentences that follow.

(flattery, appealing, by fits and starts, dashed to, undetected, spirits rose )

(a) I dashed to the school gate when I heard the school-bell ring.

(b) After the death of my pet dog, my spirits rose when dad got me a new pup.

(c) Do not stoop to flattery just to gain something from someone.

(d) The artist completes his paintings by fits and starts.

(e) The crime went undetected for 11 years.

(f) When the baby saw its mother it gave an appealing smile.

3. (a) Find from the text the collocation for the following.

(i) stray dog

(ii) honest man

(iii) ticket checker

(iv) walked slowly

(v) light drizzle

(vi) compound sentences

(vii) high spirits.

(b) Complete the compound words from the story.

(i) oil rich

(ii) fifty rupee

(iii) easy going

(iv) clock tower

(v) moon rise

(c) Pick out from the story 3 or 4 examples of Code-mixing (Indian words used in English).

maidan , pyjama , bazaar

8. Frame ‘Wh’ questions to get the answers underlined below. (Change the first person pronouns to the second person where necessary.)

(a) I hurried back to the room.
Ans. Where did you hurry back to ?

(b) I had made a study of men’s faces.
Ans. What had you made ?

(c) I drew them out, without a sound.
Ans. How did you draw them out ?

(d) The poor man showed acceptance.
Ans. Who showed acceptance ?

(e) I made tea in the morning.
Ans. When did you make tea ?


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