8- A Great Leader | English | Class 4

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the Chapter 8, A Great Leader , English from Class 4. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. Write the meaning of the following with the help of the passage :

• a man of iron will : a person with strong will/ determination
• loincloth : a dhoti worn above the knees
• non-violence : not hurting others

Q2. From the passage, find the bigger words that include the words given here :

• loving : lovingly
• fashion : fashionable
• women : womenfolk
• great : greatness

Q3. Answer the following questions with yes or no.

(a) Did Gandhiji use any weapons ? – No.

(b) Did Gandhiji ever miss his prayers ? – No.

(c) Could Gandhiji afford fancy clothes ? – Yes.

(d) Did the King receive Gandhiji at his palace ? – Yes.

(e) Did Gandhiji change his style of dress for the reception ? – No.

Q4. Find and copy any two sentences containing not from the passage.

• Mahatma Gandhi did not use any arms and weapons like guns, rifles or bombs.

• Could he not afford fancy, fashionable clothes ?


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