2. The Inter-relationships Between Living Things

(A) What’s the solution ?

Gurpreet has to go for a hobby class on a hot summer afternoon. She needs to be told what to do to protect herself from the heat.


(B) Think and tell.

1. If water collects in fields due to heavy rains, the crops growing there rot. Why ?

2. Why do we not get a good crop if we do not get good rains ?

3. Why does the Indian rat snake (dhaman) live around fields ?

4. If there are furry animals living in snowy regions, would their coats be thick or sparse ?

(C) Find out :

1. Which fruits are the following places in Maharashtra famous for ?

  • Nagpur
  • Gholvad
  • Saswad
  • Deogad
  • Jalgaon

2. Why do you think these fruit trees grow in those particular regions ? Find out and write down the information you get. Share it with your classmates.


(D) Answer the following questions.

1. How are plants useful to us ?


2. What is meant by ‘arboreal’ animals ?


3. What changes do we see in trees at the beginning of March ?


(E) Fill in the blanks.

1. After …………….., winter comes again.

2. We keep animals because animals meet some of our ………. .

3. We spray ………….. to prevent insects from attacking plants.

4. Winter is also known as the season of ………… .



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