9. Time for Everything | English | Class 4

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the Poem, Time for Everything, English from Class 4. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. Answer the following questions :

(a) When is it the time for sleep ?

Ans. There is the time for sleep at the end of the day.

(b) What is meant by ‘There’s a time for every thing you do’ ?

Ans. There’s a time for every thing you do means, that you should do things at suitable or correct time.

(c) Who should do everything at a proper time ? Tick the correct answer.

* Children

* Grown-ups

* Both

Q2. One line in this poem contains its message in short. Write down that line.

Ans. The line that contains a message in short is : There’s a time for every thing you do.

Q3. In this poem, ‘time’ means a suitable or proper time for doing certain things. Match the occasions in A with the actions in B.


(a) When you have to catch your opponents in a game of tag(b) Time to run

(b) When you are on a crowded street(d) Time to walk

(c) When somebody has asked you a question(a) Time to talk

(d) When you are in a library or hospital(c) Time to be silent.

Q4. Find the meaning of the following using a good dictionary :

(a) Nine times out of tenalmost every time

(b) No time like the presentsuggesting that something should be done right now rather than later.

(c) A stitch in time saves nineif you solve out a problem at present it may save a lot of extra work in future.



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