2. Daydreams | English | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the lesson, Daydreams, English from Class 5. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q2. Answers the following questions

1. What did the husband want to buy ?
Ans. The husband wanted to buy a few cows.

2. What plans did the wife make ?
Ans. The wife planned to make plenty of dahi and butter and ghee from the milk she would have. She planned to use earthern pots for
storing milk, dahi and butter, and a jar for storing the ghee. She also planned to use the remaining pot to send milk to her sister.

3. What did the husband want to do with the extra milk ?
Ans. The husband wanted to sell the extra milk in the market.

4. What did Gopal Bhand say he was doing ?
Ans. Gopal Bhand said that he was driving away the couple’s greedy cows from his field.

5. Did Gopal Bhand have a field ?
Ans. No, Gopal Bhand did not have a field.

6. What did Gopal Bhand want to tell the husband and wife ?
Ans. Gopal Bhand wanted to tell the couple that they should not quarrel over their dreams, not fight for something which they do not have. Gopal Bhand wanted them to stop day dreaming and live in the present.

7. What is the difference between a dream and daydream ?
Ans. A dream is something that a person can have at night, when one is asleep. A daydream is something which comes to one’s mind during
the day time, when one is not sleeping.

Q5. Language study.

1. A phrase is a meaningful group of words, for example “a day”, “some extra money”, “a few cows”, “all the milk”.
From the story find atleast three phrases each that begin with or include each of the articles: “a, an, the”


• a lot of time, a few cows, a lot of work
• no phrase with an
• all the milk, the husband, wielding the stick

2. Choose ’a’ or ’an’ correctly and fill in the blanks.
• an earthen pot
• a cow
• a jar
• a sister
• a stout stick
• a lovely field
• an eyebrow

3. Write the plural forms of the following.

• cow – cows
• pot – pots
• jar – jars
• sister – sisters
• market – markets
• drop – drops
• stick – sticks
• corner – corners
• field – fields
• cucumber – cucumbers

4. Write about your own daydream in short.

Ans. My daydream is about becoming an army officer and fighting with enemies of my country. I often dream about how I would defeat the enemies and how I would be rewarded for my courageous work. I see that all my country men would be proud of me and children would wish to be like me.

5. Discuss in group of 5, the occassion on which you can use each of the following expressions. List at least 3 such occassions.

Ans. (i) That’s true :
(a) When discussing the problems of pollution
(b) When discussing the importance of education
(c) When discussing the harmful health effects of smoking
Example: “Pollution is causing several early deaths. That’s true.”



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