18. Weeds in the Garden | English | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the lesson 18, Weeds in the Garden, English from Class 5. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. List all the words and phrases in this story that indicate time.

• time and again
• now and then
• early one morning
• throughout his life

Q2. Add proper prefixes like -up, -un, -dis, -in to the following to form opposites.

• happy x unhappy
• root x uproot
• effective x ineffective
• noticed x unnoticed
• believe x disbelieve
• civilized x uncivilized
• continue x discontinue

Q3. Answer the following questions.

1.)When do parents feel sorry and become unhappy ?

Ans. Parents feel sorry when they cannot indulge their kids or when
they have to scold them. When even the scolding has no effect, the
parents become very very unhappy.

2.) What methods did Anshuman’s parents use to make Anshuman realise his bad habits ?

Ans. To make Anshuman realise his bad habits Anshuman’s parents began to warn him time and again. They used gente words, strict
warnings, scolding now and then. They lovingly and gently tried to correct Anshuman.

3.) What did Anshuman’s father compare bad habits to ?

Ans. Anshuman’s father compared bad habits to weeds in the garden. The longer you allow them to grow, the harder it becomes to uproot them.

Q4. Use the following phrases in your own sentences.

in vain : Lata’s sister tried all tricks to teach her mathematics, but it was in vain.

get a hold of : One should not allow jealousy to get a hold of us.

to get rid of : Neha’s grandfather tried hard to get rid of the weeds in the garden.

Q5. Language study

1. ) Read the highlighted word. They are known as prepositions.
for a walk
around the farm
• specialities of plants
in the soil
with great effort

2. ) Change the meaning of the sentences by changing the proposition.

• The tiger jumped into the river.
Ans. The tiger jumped from the river.

• Put the cubes in the box.
Ans. Put the cubes outside the box.

• We travelled to Mumbai by train.
Ans. We travelled from Mumbai by train.

• There are many people around the house.
Ans. There are many people outside the house.

• The children were asked to come without their parents.
Ans. The children were asked to come with their parents.

3.) Change the meaning by changing the adverb.

• Speak gently.
Ans. Speak loudly.

• Come in.
Ans. Come out.

• Hit the stone hard with the hammer.
Ans. Hit the stone gently with the hammer.



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