15. Bird Bath | English | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the lesson 15, Bird Bath, English from Class 5. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. The poem has rhyming words at the end of the lines. Find and write the rhyming words in each stanza.

Stanza 1: made – laid, pool – cool
Stanza 2: high – by, brink – drink
Stanza 3: splash – flash, bright – delight.

Q2. Guess the meaning of following words in the poem.

lined : means something is present along the boundary or edges of something

cluster : means forming a small group or gathering

brink : means something at the boundary or edges

flash : move or pass very quickly.

Q3. Rewrite the following lines in your own words.

• Never one comes flying by
But will flutter down to drink

Ans. All the robins flying nearby will surely come down towards the pool to drink water.

• … till off they flash
Singing sweetly their delight

Ans. … till the birds fly off quickly, singing sweetly with joy.

Q4. Write what you can do to welcome birds in your surroundings.

Ans. To welcome birds in our my surrounding I can do the following things:

1.) I can place some water in a dish in a shadow place, so that the birds can come and drink when thirsty.

2.) I can make some nest structure with a empty cardbord box so that the birds can come and stay there.

3.) I can also place some food grains near the water dish so that the birds can easily have some food.

Q5. Discuss what you can do to help other animals in your surroundings. Write any three ideas you like from the discussion.

Ans. Activities I can do to help other animals in my surroundings :

1.) Do not harm any animal for fun

2.) Do not fire crackers near the animals

3.) Do not fly kites, as it can harm the flying birds

4.) Do not throw the food in plastic bags as it can be eaten by the animals along with the food.

5.) Keep a water dish near our house so that the thirsty animals can drink some water.


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