4. Strawberries | English | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the lesson 4, Strawberries, English from Class 5. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q2. Read the poem and answer the following questions.

1.) Which are the two different places where Strawberries grow ?

Ans. Strawberries grow in places like gardens and also in hilly areas near streams.

2.) What are the two different ways of eating Strawberries ?

Ans. The two different ways of eating strawberries are :
(a) eating using a bowl and silver spoon, adding sugar, spice or cream
(b) eating directly after plucking from the vines

3.) Which strawberries are plump and juicy ?

Ans. The strawberries grown in the garden are plump and juicy.

4.) Which strawberries are sweeter ?

Ans. The strawberries growing in the woodland vines are sweeter.

5.) How would you like to eat your strawberries ?

Ans. I would like to eat my strawberries adding lots of cream to it.

Q3. Find out when and where we get strawberries in Mahrashtra ?

Ans. We get strawberries in Maharashtra in the month of May to June. Strawberries were earlier grown only in Mahableshwar, but recently it is successfully grown in plains of Maharashtra like Pune, Nashik and Sangli.

Q4. Make a list of your favorite fruits and vegetables and note down the time of the year when they are available in plenty.


Q5. Have you ever eaten any fruit/ vegetable, picking it straight from a tree or field ? Write about that experience in 3-5 lines.

Ans. Once we had gone to my uncle’s place in Dahanu, near Mumbai. Dahanu is famous for its sapota (chikoos) and there are many gardens of sapota, mangoes and coconuts. around. Me any my cousins went to our garden and enjoyed eating fruits directly from the trees. The taste of eating fruits directly from trees is very different as they taste very juicy and sweeter as compared to the fruits we buy from market.


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