Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya | Passage English – Part 1 | 2020

Section III Language (English) [25 marks]

The blog presents the previous year question paper of 2020, two passages from language section along with their answers. The students preparing for the JNVST can practise the questions given here to have a good score in the entrance test.

Directions (Passages 1- 4) There are four passages in this section. Each passage is followed by five questions . Read each passage carefully and answer the question that follow. For each question four probable answers bearing letters (A), (B), (C) and (D) are given. Only one out of these is correct. You have to choose the correct answer.

Passage : 1

Travelling is both recreational and educative. It has always been regarded as an important part of education. In Europe, a young man is considered fully educated only when he has travelled through many countries of Europe. In ancient India also, our sages understood the great value of travelling. They made it a pious duty of all to visit various pilgrim centres situated in different parts of India. This encouraged the feeling of oneness
among Indians.

1. It is important to ………. if one wants to get real education.
A. study
B. work
C. travel
D. meditate

2. Which one of the following words is a synonym of “recreational” ?
A. educational
B. thrilling
C. tiring
D. sight-seeing

3. Visiting the ………. centres was considered holy in ancient India.
A. training
B. pilgrim
C. city
D. business

3. Visiting the ………. centres was considered holy in ancient India.
A. training
B. pilgrim
C. city
D. business

4. People have a feeling of oneness with others if they ………. a lot.
A. travel
B. talk
C. play
D. question

5. A sage is a person who is ………. .
A. learned
B. smart
C. free
D. wicked

Answers: 1. (C), 2.(B), 3(B), 4.(A), 5.(A)


Passage : 2

Fire is to blame for the loss of countless lives and billions of rupees each and every year. Firefighters help protect people and their property from injury and damage. They put their lives on the line every time they respond to a call.
While on duty, firefighters must be ready to respond in a matter of minutes to just about any disaster tat may occur. At every fire scene, a superior fire officer takes command and directs the jobs of all the people at the
scene. Some firemen connect the hose lines to hydrants. Others manually operate the pumps to send water to the hoses. Teams of firefighters also operate ladders used to reach distances high in the air.

1. Which is not true about fire fighters ?
A. They are brave.
B. They often put their lives in danger.
C. They never put their lives in danger.
D. They are highly trained.

2. A firefighter has to prepare to extinguish a fire in :
A. minutes
B. hours
C. days
D. weeks

3. Firefighters put their lives on the line means :
A. They stand in line.
B. They fight fire.
C. They put their lives in danger.
D. They connect hose line to hydrant.

4. To operate manually means to :
A. make a man work
B. work with their hands
C. use machine
D. use ones own body

5. The word occur means the same as :
A. come
B. happen
C. call
D. fire

Answers: 1. (C), 2.(A), 3(C), 4.(B), 5.(B)


Next : Read passage 3 & 4


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