6. Variety in Food | EVS I | Class 4

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the lesson 6, Variety in Food, Environmental Science, Part 1, from Class 4. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

(A) Answer in short.

1. Which food items can be prepared from wheat ?

Ans. The food items that can be prepared from wheat are :
(a) Roti/ chapati
(b) Halwa/ Shira
(c) Puri
(d) Phulka
(e) Paratha
(f) Papad, etc.

2. Write the names of different edible oils.

Ans. The names of different edible oils are :
(a) Groundnut oil
(b) Sunflower oil
(c) Soyabean oil
(d) Mustard oil
(e) Coconut oil
(f) Sesame oil

3. Which is the special food item prepared in your village, town or city ? What is it made from ?

Ans. The special food item prepared in my village/ town or city is Vangyacha Bharit. It is prepared from mashed brinjal. This special
dish of Vangyacha Bharit is prepared with brinjal from our village and it tastes delicious when cooked on chulha.

(B) Circle the odd one out in the given food items. Write why it is the odd one.

1. Mango pickle, mango, mango jam, mango pulp.

Ans. Mango, because a mango is a raw fruit while the rests are processed mango products.

2. Pulao, paratha, dahibhat, biryani.

Ans. Paratha, because paratha is a wheat product while the rests are rice products.

3. Mysore pak , puranpoli, thalipeeth, jhunka-bhakar.

Ans. Mysore pak is sweet from Karnataka, while the rests are dishes from Maharashtra.

(C) Guess whether each of the following items is a grain or a vegetable and make a list of the food items that can be prepared from each.


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