10. Clothes | EVS I | Class 4

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the lesson 10, Clothes, Environmental Science, Part 1, from Class 4. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

(A) Match the following columns correctly.


(B) Which of the following can be used to wash clothes ?
• soap
• detergent powder
• ash
• perfume

Ans. • soap • detergent powder

(C) Which of the following persons trades old clothes for new utensils ?
• Kalhaiwala
• Boharin
• Kasar

Ans. • Boharin

(D) Arjun’s body is itching today. What should he do ? Find the right group.

Ans. (c) Have a bath. Put on clean clothes. Take medical treatment.

(E) What changes in clothing do we make according to climate? Write four sentences.

Ans. We make changes in our clothing according to the climate as follows:

1. We use raincoats and wind cheaters in rainy season.

2. We use wollen clothes like sweaters, winter caps, wollen hand gloves in winter season.

3. We use cotton clothes in summer to fight the heat and avoid sweat.

4. In winter we try to cover our entire body with tight clothes, whereas in summer we wear short and loose clothes.

(G) Wool is made from sheep’s hair. Name another animal which yields thread for making fine cloth.

Ans. Silkworm is another example that yields thread for making fine cloth. The silkworm produces a silk thread that is used to make fine silk cloth.


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