24. The Laughing King | English | Class 4

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the chapter 24, The Laughing King, English from Class 4. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

1. Answer the following questions orally :

(a) Why did King Leonard laugh at Witch Grieselda ?

Ans. King Leonard laughed at Witch Grieselda, because :
i. Witch Grieselda slipped into a puddle.
ii. Her face and clothes became muddy.

(b) What effect did Grieselda’s magic have on the king ?

Ans. Grieseldas magic made the king laugh all the time.

(c) Why did the Queen get annoyed ?

Ans. The Queen got annoyed because :
i. The King was continuously laughing all the time.
ii. The did not taste the special cakes she made for him.
iii. The did not tell her the reason of his laughter.

(d) How did Princess Cynthia console her mother ?

Ans. Princess Cynthia consoled her mother by saying that she would pick up the broken pieces of the plate and try to mend it.

(e) Who was King Ferdinand ? What was his complaint ?

Ans. King Ferdianand was the King of neighbouring kingdom of King Leonard. His complaint was that the thieves from King Leonard’s kingdom had stolen fruits from his orchard.

(f) Why was King Ferdinand angry with King Leonard ? How did he show his anger ?

Ans. King Ferdinand was angry with King Leonard because King Leonard was laughing at his complaint and caused his insult. He showed his anger by stating that he soon be back with his army and take revenge for the insult.

(g) Why did King Leonard want to stop laughing ?

Ans. King Leonard wanted to stop laughing, because he was sick of laughing and saw that many people are getting annoyed by his

(h) Why did Witch Grieselda decide to help the King ? What was her condition ?

Ans. Witch Grieselda decided to help the King because he was sorry for his behaviour towards her. Her condition was that he should never laugh at anyone’s trouble.

2. Use the following in the sentences given below :

(scrambled, frowned, looking for, put up with)

(a) I cannot ……….. ……………. …………….. such nonsense, said the teacher.

(b) He …………… over the rocky hillside.

(c) When Ajits father saw Ajits school record, he ……………. .

(d) Who are you ……………….. …………….. ? asked Anil. My mother, said Amit.

(a) I cannot put up with such nonsense, said the teacher.

(b) He scrambled over the rocky hillside.

(c) When Ajits father saw Ajits school record, he frowned .

(d) Who are you looking for ? asked Anil. My mother, said Amit.

3. Read carefully :

(a) What a bright sunny morning (it is) !
(b) How colourful my garden looks !
These are exclamatory sentences. They mean :
(a) It is a very bright sunny morning.
(b) My garden looks very colourful.
Write an exclamatory sentence, using your own words.

Ans. How interesting the story is !

What a delicious dinner !

How beautiful the music was !


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