1. Our Earth and Our Solar System | EVS I | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the lesson 1, Our Earth and Our Solar System, Environmental Science, Part 1, from Class 5. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. What’s the solution ?

One of the asteroids has fallen out of its place in the asteroid belt and is hurtling towards the sun. Our earth is in its way and there is all likelihood of a collision. What can be done to prevent this collision ?

Ans. To prevent the collision of the asteroid with the earth we can use missile. The asteroid can be destroyed with the help of the missile in the space itself. Another solution for this can be to change the path of the advancing asteroid, again by using the missile.

Q2. Use your brain power !

(1) What will happen to our solar system if the sun were to suddenly disappear ?

Ans. If the sun were to suddenly disappear we would face the following consequences :

1. There will be no light and all plants would die because they will not be able to prepare their food by photosynthesis.

2. As a result all the living organisms that depend on plants for food would also die.

3. The concept of time will fail as there will be no planetary revolutions.

4. There will be no change in season and a single season will remain always.

5. There will be no source of heat and the earth would become very cold.

(2) Suppose you want to give your address to a friend you have on the planet Mars. How will you write your address if you want them to understand exactly where you live ?

Kumar/ Kumari ·…………..,
5, Akash Residency, Tilak Road,
Thane (West), Mumbai – 400601,
Maharashtra State, India,
Asia Continent, Earth, Solar System, Milky way.

3. In the picture below, correct the sequence of the planets from the sun.


Ans. The correct sequence of planets are : Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Q4. Who am I ?

(a) You can see me from the earth but the lighted part of me that you see changes every day. – Moon

(b) I have my own light. It is only from me that the planets get light and heat. – Sun.

(c) I turn around myself, around a planet and also around a star. – Satellite.

(d) I turn around myself and revolve around the sun. – Planet.

(e) No other planet has a living world like mine. – Earth.

(f) I am the nearest star to the earth. – Sun

Q5. (a) For what purpose are rockets used in space travel ?

Ans. Sending some object into the space with power against the force of gravity is possible only with the help of space launch technology. This technology requires tremendous amount of energy to launch the spacecraft that is thousands of tons in weight. This energy is obtained by burning
of large quantity of fuel present in the rocket. Thus rockets are used to launch the spacecraft in space.

(b) What information do man-made satellites provide ?

Ans. Man-made satellites provide following information :

1. Useful information for agriculture, environment, weather forecasting,
making maps, and searching for water and mineral wealth on the earth.

2.They are also used for telecommunication.


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