20. Only One Mother | English | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the lesson 20, Only One Mother, English from Class 5. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

1. Make a list of rhyming words in the poem. Add one more rhyming word of your own to each pair.

• sky – by – try
• together – weather – feather
• dawn – lawn – pawn
• clover – over – lower

2. Write one more expressions like “hundreds of”. Expand each expression.
Example : Hundreds of children in the school.

• Hundreds of people in the fair.
• Hundreds of students in the stadium.
• Hundreds of ants on the sweets.
• Hundreds of roses in the garden.
• Hundreds of cars on the road.
• Hundreds of bees in the honey comb.

3. Answer the following questions :

(a) What examples of plentiful things does the poet give ?

Ans. The poet gives the examples of plentiful things as :
• stars
• shells
• birds
• lambs
• dewdrops
• bees and
• butterflies

(b) Why does the poet say that the dewdrops greet the dawn ?

Ans. The dewdrops are seen only in the early morning or dawn when the sun rises and vanish thereafter. Hence the poet says that the dewdrops greet the dawn.

(c) Do you agree with the poet’s thoughts ? Why ?

Ans. Yes, I totally agree with the poet’s thoughts. There are many things in the world that are in plentiful but there is only one mother for a child. The title of the poem rightly says only one mother.


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