34. The King of the Golden River | English | Class 4

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the chapter 34, The King of the Golden River, English from Class 4. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

1. Describe the following in short :

(a) Treasure Valley

Ans. (i) Treasure valley was the fertile valley in the mountainous part of the country.
(ii) Though there were no streams running down to the valley itself, the wind constantly brought the clouds to the valley.
(iii) Even when the rest of the country was dry, it always rained in the valley.
(iv) In the treasure valley, the wind and the clouds made the crops green, the hay high, the apples red, the grapes purple and the honey sweet. Because of this people called it the Treasure Valley.
(v) It belonged to three brothers – Schwartz, Hans and Gluck.

(b) South-West Wind, Esquire.

Ans. (i) The South-West Wind, Esquire was a strange creature.
(ii) It was very short, with a large nose, red cheeks, curly moustache and merry, twinkling eyes.
(iii) It wore a conical cap as high as himself and a cloak four times as long.
(iv) It would leave his card behind if anybody treated him badly and would teach them a lesson.

(c) The Black Brothers

Ans. (i) The Treasure Valley belonged to three brothers – Schwartz, Hans and Gluck.
(ii) The two older brothers Schwartz and Hans were big, ugly and wicked.
(iii) They were good farmers but they killed everything that was not profitable for them – even little things like blackbirds and hedgehogs and crickets.
(iv) They did not treat their servants well and gave them only poor wages.
(v) They waited till the corn had become very expensive in the market and then sold it for twice its value.
(vi) They were very rich but they never ever gave even so much as a penny to the poor and hence people called them the Black Brothers.

(d) Gluck

Ans. (i) Gluck was the youngest of the three brothers and was only twelve years old.
(ii) He was just the opposite in nature of his brothers.
(iii) He was kind to every living thing.
(iv) His brothers were cruel to him and made him do all the cooking and the mending and the housework for them.

(e) The golden mug.

Ans. (i) The golden mug was beautiful and belonged to Gluck.
(ii) Glucks uncle had given it to him when he was a baby.
(iii) Gluck was very fond of the mug and used to drink both milk and water from it.
(iv) A strange, bearded face was delicately carved on the mug.

2. Which of the characters in the story do you like the most ?
If you could meet that character in person, what questions would you ask ?

Ans. I like the character of Gluck the most in the story.
If I could met the character of Gluck in person I would ask him :
1. Will you my friend ? and
2. How can you be so nice and good to all people ?

3. Which of the events in the story do you like the most ? Write about that event in a few lines.

Ans. The liked the most was the event where the Black Brothers were swept away with a rolling pin by the stranger into the corner. The stranger was actually the South-West Wind, Esquire. I wonder how the Black Brothers must have felt to be defeated by the short stranger. They were bad in behaviour with others and therefore they got a good lesson.


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