4.1 Under the Greenwood Tree | English | Class 7

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from chapter 4.1, Under the Greenwood Tree, written by William Shakespeare, from English Balbharati of class 7. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. From the poem, find the old word used for each of the following :

1. towards – unto

2. here – hither

3. does – doth

Q2. Write in your own words.

1. Who does the poet invite to join him ?

Ans. The poet invites to join him all the people who share the same feeling as his.

2. How should that person sing ?

Ans. That person should sing merrily.

3. What message does the poem convey ?

Ans. (i) The message the poem conveys is that, if a person can avoid an ambition and try to live a simple life, in harmony with nature, he can be happy and will have no real enemies. (ii) The only thing he would have to worry about will be winter and rough weather.

Q3. Pick out the lines that mean :

1. Sing in such a manner : And turn his merry note unto the sweet bird’s throat

2. One who wishes to join me : Who loves to lie with me

3. Who gives up his desire for wealth, power, fame, etc. : Who doth ambition shun

4. Life in the forest is free from ill-wishers : Here shall he see no enemy

5. Happy to eat whatever he can get : Seeking the food he eats, and pleased with what he gets

Q4. Find from the Internet and write down.

1. In which century did William Shakespeare write his famous plays ?

Ans. William Shakespeare wrote his famous plays in the last part of 16th century and early 17th century.

2. From which play is this song extracted ?

Ans. This song is extracted from the play : As you like it.

3. Which character from the play sings this song ?

Ans. The character of Amiens in the play sings this song.

Q5. Be a poet. Try to complete the following poem with words that rhyme with each other.

I’d love to live a life that’s free,
Relax under a shady tree,
And fall into a dreamy sleep,
With no strict hours, forced to keep.
And sing aloud a merry song,
Untrodden paths, as I walk along.
You ask me what I’d get to play ?
Fruits and nuts and berries sweet
You ask me with whom I’d get to play
Birds and animals, happy and gay
And if a woodcutter put a chop
Firmly, I would put a stop
So that’s the life I’d like lead
Free from worries, free from greed


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