26. Water in the Well | English | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from a very interesting story, Water in the Well, from Class 5. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. Find a word that has a similar meaning

1. sorry – unhappy

2. whole – complete

3. happily – cheerfully

4. unfair – unjust

5. remove – take away

Q2. Answer the following questions

1. What does a farmer need the most for his fields ?

Ans. A farmer needs most for his fields is a good source of water.

2. Where was the well situated ?

Ans. The well was situated outside the boundary of Kasim’s field.

3. What did Ahmad tell Kasim when he dug a channel and began to draw water ?

Ans. When Kasim dug a channel and began to draw water, Ahmad told him that, he had sold the well to him (Kasim) but not the water
in the well. Ahmad told Kasim that the water still belonged to him (Ahmad) and Kasim could not use the water unless he pays separately
for it.

4. What did the judge tell Ahmad ?

Ans. The judge told Ahmad that he had no right to keep his belongings (water) in Kasim’s property (well). The Qazi told Ahmad to remove his belongings (water) immediately else pay daily rent to Kasim.

5. How do we come to know that Kasim was a generous man ?

Ans. We come to know that Kasim was a generous man because Kasim did not trouble Ahmad for the rent as ordered by the Qazi.

Q3. Find the meaning of the following phrases and use them in your own sentences.

1. again and again – many times, repeatedly

The farmer again and again picked the stones from his farm.

2. thought over – to think about, consider

The mother gave a thought over to her son’s proposal.

3. in the mind’s eye – in imagination, to wonder about

The selfish man saw in his mind’s eye that he owned the most beautiful diamond.

4. in store for – that is about to happen

The farmer thought that the king would punish him, but there was a surprise in store for him.

5. his/her heart sank – feel sudden sadness or sorrow

The coach’s heart sank seeing the boy’s performance in the tournament.

6. heart of hearts – the innermost feeling, true feelings

The king pretended to be happy but in his heart of hearts he was very sad.


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