9. Settled Life and Urban Civilization | EVS II | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from Environmental Studies II, chapter 9, Settled Life and Urban Civilization, from Class 5. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. From the chart below, find out the names of the three periods into which ancient objects are classified and use them to match the three classes given below.

1. Stone tools : Stone Age

2. Copper tools and other copper objects : Copper Age

3. Iron tools and other iron objects : Iron Age

Q2. Arrange the following in chronological order.

(a) Copper (b) Gold (c) Iron
Ans. (a) Gold (b) Copper (c) Iron

(a) Copper Age (b) Iron Age (c) Stone Age
Ans. (a) Stone Age (b) Copper Age (c) Iron Age

Q3. Write about the consequences of the following events.

1. Discovery of copper : Copper was used for making tools and articles.

2. Invention of the wheel : The wheel was first used by the potters and later was used for bullock carts and chariots.

3. Use of script : When trade and production of goods increased scripts were used for record keeping.

Q4. Write notes:

1. Use of metals :

(a) Gold was the first metal to be used by humans.
(b) As gold is a soft metal, it cannot be used for making tools and implements.
(c) Humans then discovered another metals like copper and iron which could be used for these purposes.

2. Social organization in the ancient cities :

(a) The rise in trade had been the major factor that contributed to the emergence and development of cities.
(b) However, the culture of those cities had its roots in village-settlements of the New Stone Age.
(c) The faith system rooted in the agricultural way of life continued in the urban way of life too.
(d) The social life and festivals based on agricultural faith became more elaborate in cities that had prospered because of the rise in trade.
(e) Grand temples were built in many cities. The chiefs of the temples became chief administrators of those cities
(f) Later, the positions of the temple head and that of the king went to the same individual.


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