4.4 Home Sweet Home | English | Class 7

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from chapter 4.4, Home Sweet Home, written by John Howard Payne, from English Balbharati of class 7. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. Write in your own words.

1. How does the poet glorify his home in the first stanza ?

Ans. The poet glorifies his home by saying the following:
(a) We may roam about places and pleasure filled places in the world, but there is no sweet place like a home, however simple it may be.
(b) The home is made holy by some magic from the sky.
(c) Such a magic cannot be found anywhere in the world except the home, no matter how much we search it.

2. How does the poet describe his home in the second stanza ?
Ans. The poet describes his home as a simple thatched cottage. There are sweet singing birds that respond to his call. He gets the peace of mind at his home which is drearer than all.

3. What makes the poet remember his mother ?
Ans. While gazing the moon in the sky the poet remembers his mother.

4. What does the poet miss ?
Ans. The poet misses the following things :
(a) the gayly singing birds
(b) the pleasant smelling woodbine
(c) his father’s fond smile
(d) his loving and caring mother
(e) his simple thatched cottage

5. What does the poet hope for ?
Ans. The poet hopes to return at his simple thatched cottage and never leave it.

6. In which professions is a person forced to stay away from his home/ homeland for a long time ? Try to guess why the poet is forced to stay away from his home ?

Ans. A person is forced to stay away from his home/ home land for a long time in professions like :
(a) sports
(b) travel industry
(c) news media
(d) defense
(e) students
The poet is forced to stay away from his home because he may not be having the same opportunities near his home place.

Q2. Write out a few things that you would really miss about your home if you were to stay away from it for long.

Ans. The few things that I would really miss about my home if I were to stay away are:

1. the calmness and comfortness I feel being in my home

2. the sweet singing birds that come every early morning in my garden

3. the happiness I feel while feeding those birds

4. the trees that have been giving me sweet fruits

5.the things in my study room I have used for many years


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