33. Rangoli | English | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from lesson number 33, Rangoli, from Class 5, Maharashtra State Board. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. Guess the meanings of following words :

1. pleasing – a thing that makes us happy or gives us pleasure

2. finely – madeup of very small particles

3. magnificient – very attractive

4. coarse-grained – coarse particles

Q2. Answer the following questions :

1. What does “Rangaawali” mean ?

Ans. The word Rangaawali is madeup of two words i.e. Rang meaning colour and aawali meaning in line.

2. Where is Rangaawali usually drawn ?

Ans. Rangaawali is usually drawn on the walls or floor of house. In many households Rangoli is drawn in the courtyard or in front of the
doorstep everyday.

3. What is used to make Rangoli designs ?

Ans. Rangoli lines are made using coarse grained powders such as sand, marble dust, saw dust or rice grain powder.

4. What are the common Rangoli designs or motifs ?

Ans. The common Rangoli designs or motifs are based on nature such as mango, creeper, lotus or other flowers swans, peacocks, fish and
other animals. Rangoli designs also include geometrical patterns and shapes Nowadays other fancy designs and free hand drawings are also used to make beautiful Rangolis.

5. What different names is Rangoli known by in different regions ?

Ans. Rangoli is known by fifferent names in different regions as :
(a) Chowkpurana, in Uttar Pradesh
(b) Madana, in Rajasthan
(c) Muggu, in Andra Pradesh
(d) Rangoli, in Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra
(e) Alpana, in West Bengal
(f) Kolam, in Tamil Nadu and Kerala


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