7. Major Dhyan Chand | English | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from lesson number 7, Major Dhyan Chand, from Class 5, Maharashtra State Board. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. Guess the meanings of following words :

1. water-logged – filled with water, flooded

2. postponed – scheduled to take place some later time

3. novel – new

4. barefoot – without wearing shoes or footwear

5. fruitless – without any useful result/ reward

6. pounced – move suddenly to attack

Q2. Name the following :

1. Hosts of the 1936 Olympic games – Germany

2. Ruler of Germany – Adolf Hitler

3. Not comfortable with the wet ground – Indian Team

4. Scored the first goal in the match – Roop Singh

5. Captain of the Indian Team – Dhyan Chand

6. Did not let the passes go waste – players in the D (Defenders)

7. Pounced on Dhyan Chand and hurt him – German goalkeeper

8. Third time winners of the Olympic gold medal for hockey – Indian Team

Q4. Language Study

Find atleast 5 verbs from the passage.

1. The Indian Team was offering an equally strong resistance.

2. No team could make a goal in first half hour.

3. In the second half of the match, the Indian team found a firm footing.

4. The entire team played as one and made three goals against Germany.

5. The German players were also trying their level best to win.

Q5. Use the following phrases in your own sentences.

1. be sure of : He studied well and was sure of his success.

2. try one’s level best : One must always be positive and try one’s level best for success.

3. at any cost : The King was brave and ordered his soldiers to win the war at any cost.

4. turn down the offer : The poor farmer turned down the offer from the money lender.


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