1.1 Where the Mind is Without Fear | Warming Up! | Kumarbharati | Class 10

The blog presents the question and answers of the Warming Up! section of Unit 1, Where the Mind is Without fear, written by Rabindranath Tagore.

Q1. Pair up with your partner and match the terms with their given meanings.


Q2. Taking the help of a dictionary/internet guess and write the type of poem against its description.

1. A long story-poem, often mythical : Epic

2. A short story poem with a message : Ballad

3. A poem of 14 lines : Sonnet

4. A song-like poem : Lyric

5. A poem with no uniformity of rhyme, rhythm etc. : Free verse

6. A poem set in picturesque, rustic background : Idyll

7. A sad poem, lamenting death of a loved one : Elegy

8. A 5-line short funny poem with rhyme-scheme aabba : Limerick

9. A poem written, just to create humour : Humorous


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