2.5 Let’s March | English Grammar | Class 10

The blog presents the Grammar question and answers of the lesson 2.5 Let’s March, written by Kailash Satyarthi, from Kumarbharati of Class 10.

Q6. Choose the correct option and write in front of the given to convey the exact meaning.

1. divinity : godliness
(i) goodness
(ii) godliness
(iii) god – fearing

2. extremist : militant
(i) militant
(ii) robber
(iii) spy

3. culminate : rise to a peak
(i) destroy
(ii) succeed
(iii) rise to a peak

4. exploitation : misuse
(i) explosion
(ii) misuse
(iii) employment

5. mortality : death
(i) death
(ii) virtues
(iii) starvation

6. dignity : self-esteem
(i) self-pride
(ii) self-support
(iii) self-esteem

Q7. Pick out from the lesson the :
(A) Noun forms of the following words :

1. dignified : dignity

2. pacify : pacification

3. pursue : pursuit

4. ignore : ignorance

5. poor : poverty

6. divine : divinity

(B) Verb forms of :

1. democracy : democratise

2. global : globalise

3. hindrance : hinder

4. resolution : resolve

5. liberty : liberate

6. service : serve

Q8. (A) Use the following words as a noun as well as a verb and make meaningful sentences with each set, in your notebook.
march, honour, credit, stitch

1. march :
(Noun) Gandhiji led the march of salt satyagraha.
(Verb) The poor peasants marched towards the palace for justice.

2. honour :
(Noun) : I had the honour to meet the comissioner.
(Verb) : We must honour our motherland.

3. credit :
(Noun) : Milkha Sing owed the credit of his success to his coach.
(Verb) : The worker asked his owner to credit his salary.

4. stitch :
(Noun) A stitch in time saves nine.
(Verb): The poor farmer had to often stitch his clothes.

Q8. (B) Write minimum 4 hidden words of more than 4 letters from intergovernmental


1. internal

2. government

3. environment

4. mental

Q8. (C) Make meaningful sentences by using the following phrases, in your notebook.

1. in the pursuit of : The hermit travelled a lot in the pursuit of happiness.

2. be afraid of : One should never be afraid of difficult times in life.

3. give up : One should never give up his promise though he is facing difficulties.

Q8. (D) Pick from the lesson the antonyms of :

1. ignorance x knowledge

2. immortality x mortality

3. deny x accept

4. violence x non-violence / peace

5. well-known x unknown

6. slavery x freedom

Q10. (B) Say whether the following sentences are Assertive (Statements), Imperative (Commands, Requests, etc.), Interrogative (Questions) or Exclamatory (Exclamations).

1. The Mantra carries a prayer. : Assertive.

2. Is the world so poor? : Interrogative

3. Kill not your children because of poverty. : Imperative

4. Let’s walk together. : Imperative

5. What can one person do? : Interrogative

6. We have made progress. : Assertive

7. How utterly we have failed our children! : Exclamatory

8. What a big challenge it is! : Exclamatory

Q10. (C) Rewrite the following sentences as Assertive (statements).

1. Why didn’t you come earlier?
Ans. You should have come earlier.

2. How frightened their eyes look!
Ans. Their eyes look frightened.

3. How angry it makes me!
Ans. It makes me very angry.

4. Should I accept such shackles of slavery?
Ans. I should not accept such shackles of slavery.

5. What can one person do?
Ans. One person cannot do anything.


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