2.2 The Three Questions | English Grammar | Class 10

The blog presents the Grammar questions and answers of the 2.2 The Three questions, written by Leo tolstoy, FROM KUMARBHARATI OF CLASS 10. It specifically covers the examples on compound words, collocations, finite and non-finite verbs.

Q10. (A) The following compound words from the story are spelt in a jumbled order. Rearrange the letters to make them meaningful.

1. a r e e t u k d n = u n d e r t a k e

2. y o n n a e = a n y o n e

3. s t a p s i e m = p a s t i m e

4. d u b g y r o a d = b o d y g u a r d

5. f r a w e r a = w a r f a r e

6. h e e d a r f o n b = b e f o r e h a n d

7. h e i l n e w a m = m e a n w h i l e

8. n e v h i g r e t y = e v e r y t h i n g

Q10. (B) From the story, find the collocations of the following.

1. most important

2. gazing intently

3. frail and weak

4. widely renowned

5. right time

6. warm blood

7. simple clothes

8. fully closed

9. fell asleep

10. made peace

Q11. Say whether the Verbes underlined in the sentences are finite (limited by the number or person of the subject) or non-finite (not governed by the subject, number or person).

1. He decides to go to a hermit.
Ans. decides : Finite verb ; to go : Non-finite verb

2. I have come to you, wise hermit.
Ans. come : Finite verb

3. He gave the reward to none.
Ans. gave : Finite verb

4. The hermit was digging the ground.
Ans. digging : Non-finite verb

5. I pray you, to answer my questions.
Ans. pray : Finite verb ; to answer : Non-finite verb

6. “Forgive me.”
Ans. forgive : Finite verb

7. The sun began to sink.
Ans. began : Finite verb ; to sink : Non-finite verb


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