2.6 Science and Spirituality | English Grammar | Class 10

The blog presents the Grammar questions and answers of the 2.6 Science and Spirituality, adapted from “what can I give”, by srijan pal singh, FROM KUMARBHARATI OF CLASS 10. It specifically covers the examples on connector words, Punctuation, Noun forms, and object, adverbial and complements forms .

9. (A) From the lesson, pick out one word for each of the following.

1. increase the speed : accelerate

2. point of view : perspective

3.nearness in space : proximity

4. a place of residence : abode

5. eager to know everything : inquisitive

6. echoed loudly : reverberated

7. giving away much to needy : munificence

8. without making a difference : indiscriminately

9. (B) Arrange the following words in the alphabetical order.

• inventions,
• indisputable,
• interactions,
• inequity,
• institutions,
• inquisitive,
• indiscriminately


• indiscriminately,
• indisputable,
• inequity,
• inquisitive,
• institutions,
• interactions,
• inventions

9. (C) Find from the lesson the noun forms of –

1. combine : combination

2. solve : solution

3. simple : simplification

4. divine : divinity

5. advance : advancement

6. tranquil : tranquility

7. liveable : live

8. strong : strength

10. Match the word connectors with reference to part I, II, III respectively. Make sentences of each of these connectors.


Q11. Say whether the predicates in the following tences have an object/ a complement/an adverbial.

1. There was silence. complement

2. Alexander Bell invented the telephone. object

3. They have a holiday. complement

4. The dancer danced gracefully. adverbial

5. The milkman comes daily. adverbial

6. The hostess served tea. object

7. The kite soared upwards. adverbial

Q12. (A) Punctuate the following sentences to make them meaningful.

1. dinesh took a bus that stopped at nanded railway station after crossing somvar peth

Ans. Dinesh took a bus that stopped at Nanded railway station after crossing Somvar Peth.

2. dr a p j abdul kalam was the past president of india by the way he was a great scientist orator and a humanitarian

Ans. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam was the past President of India. By the way he was a great scientist, orator and a humanitarian.

3. nouns are of different types common proper abstract concrete material

Ans. Nouns are of different types: common, proper, abstract, concrete material.

4. what a lot of noise you all make said the teacher cant you keep quiet for a while

Ans. “What a lot of noise you all make!”, said the teacher. “can’t you keep quiet for a while ?”

5. wow how lovely that cake looks they said we cant wait to eat it

Ans. “Wow ! How lonely that cake looks”, they said. “We can’t wait to eat it.”


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