5. The Twelve Months | English | Class 5

In the BLOG we discuss the question and answers from the interesting story The Twelve months. Students can use the study material as a reference for their studies. It also discusses the solutions of the grammar particularly Nouns and compound words.

Q1. Find the meaning of the following words.

1. adorning : make a thing more beautiful or attractive

2. ranted : speak or shout loudly

3. abused : to treat cruelly

4. starlets : small stars

5. delicious : pleasant to taste

Q2. Read the words. Write the words that combine to make each of them.
Now write other meaningful words that begin/end with – * the first word in each * the second word in each.

1. stepmother : step + mother : step-daughter – motherland

2. footprint : foot + print : foot-step – print-out

3. snowwhite : snow + white : snow-man – white-wash

4. springtime : spring + time : spring-board – time-table

5. gentle-hearted : gentle + hearted : gentle-man – heart-beat

6. anywhere : any + where : any-time : where-ever

Q3. Answer the following questions.

1. Why did Maroucklas stepmother hate her ?

Ans. Marouckla’s stepmother hated her, because she was prettier that her own daughter, Holena.

2. In what season does the story take place ?

Ans. The story takes place in the season of winter.

3. Does Marouckla get any of the things she brings ?

Ans.No, Marouckla does not get any of the things that she brings.

4. Why do Holena and her mother go out in the snow themselves ?

Ans. Holena and her mother liked the apples very much. They thought that if they sent Marouckla again to get the apples, she might eat them on the way to home. So they thought to go themselves out in the snow and shake down all the delicious apples down the tree.

5. Why is Great January annoyed with Holena and her mother ? Does he help them ?

Ans. Great January got annoyed with Holena and her mother because:
(a) Holena and her mother went on to get warmth from the fire without their permission.
(b) Holena replied very rudely and called Great January an old fool when he asked them what they wanted.
(c) Her mother too called January that it was not his business to know about them.
(d) Seeing their behaviour and rudeness Great January got annoyed with Holena and her mother.
No, he did not help them.

Q4. Describe the following with the help of the story.

1. Springtime :

(a) During springtime the snow began to melt, the trees began to bud,
and the ground gets covered with grass.
(b) Small flowers like the violets bloom among their little leaves.
(c) The violets sprung all over and looked like a blue cloth spread out
on the ground.

2. Summer

(a) During summer the ground gets all green, the trees get covered with leaves, the birds began to sing, and the forest gets filled with
all kinds of flowers and fruits.
(b) The ground under the bushes get covered with white starlets, the starry blossoms.
(c) Fruits like strawberries get ripe at once, and they are so many of them that it looks as though a red carpet had been spread on the

3. Winter

(a) During winter the sky grew dark, there is cold, snowfall and icy wind begins to blow.
(b) There is bitterly cold at places and it is very difficult to get outdoors.
(c) A person is not able to see even one step forward while walking in the snow.

Q6. Language Study:

Marouckla ran to the top of the mountain where the big fire was burning.
The underlined words are all nouns . Find 5 other nouns from the story.


1. apples

2. strawberries

3. Holena

4. January

5. flowers



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