8. Begining of Settled Life | EVS II | Class 5

The blog discusses the Questions and Answers from the lesson 8, Begining of Settled Life, Environmental Science, Part 2, from Class 5. Students can use these answers for reference in their studies.

Q1. Fill in the blanks :

1. Archeological evidence shows that agriculture first began about 11,000
years ago in Isreal and Iraq . (Iran, Iraq, Dubai)

2. The houses at teh begining of the New Stone Age were made of wattle and daub.
(earth, bricks, wattle and daub)

Q2. Answer in brief.

1. What are the three main steps in the process of domesticating a wild animal ?

Ans. The three main steps in the process of domesticating a wild animal are :
(a) Capture the wild animal.
(b) Taming the captured wild animal, that is training the wild animal to live with humans.
(c) Obtaining useful materials like milk etc. from them and training them to work for humans as beasts of burden.

2. How did some people in the community become skilled crafts-men ?

(a) In the agricultural system, it became possible to store food grains for long periods.
(b) There was more food available than was needed by the community.
(c) Some women and men thus began to get spare time for experimentation and for using their natural creativity to develop special skills.
(d) Members of such special skills were given work based on those skills.
(e) Thus arose crafts like making earthern pots, beads etc and a class of craftsman.

Q3. Complete the following concept chart:


Q4. Write about usefulness of any five domesticated animals ?


1. Dog : Dog is an old friend of humans. It is used to guard and protect the house. Trained dogs are also useful for police investigations.

2. Cow : Cow is a useful milch animal that gives us milk and other milk products. Cowdung is another useful product that is used as a fuel.

3. Sheep : The sheep is used to get wool for making woollen clothes. Its meat is also used as food by many.

4. Bullock : The bullock is used in agricultural work for farming. It is also
used to draw cart as a mode of transport.

5. Horse : A horse is used to draw carts as a mode of transport. In wars soldiers used horses to fight with their enemies.

Q5. Which animal is used by modern police ? In what way ?

Ans. Modern police uses dog for many investigations. The police uses its sense of smell to detect drugs, body-odour and also criminals. This quality of dog help police in reaching to criminals and stop crime


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