1.1 A Time To Believe | English | Class 8

The blog presents the Questions and Answers to the poem A Time To Believe written by B J Morbitzer from English subject of Class 8. The students can use these Questions and Answers as reference for writing their own answers. Also do comment and let us know if you have any suggestion.

Q1. (A) Rearrange the letters to make meaningful words, occuring in the poem.

1. clearmis : m i r a c l e s

2. sowmid : w i s d o m

3. gearuoc : c o u r a g e

4. rissupser : s u r p r i s e s

5. tabyue : b e a u t y

6. madres : d r e a m s

7. laveu : v a l u e

8. downre : w o n d e r

Q1.(B) Write words from the poem that describe the following.

1. sky : stardust sky

2. heart : nurturing heart

3. hand : aging hand

4. beginning : new beginning

5. surprises : wonderful surprises

Q2. Say WHY. . . . .

1. the sky has a magical quality.

Ans. The sky has a magical quality because :
(a) it has clouds
(b) twinkling stars and
(c) a beautiful moon.

2. even an aging hand has beauty.

Ans. Even an aging hand has beauty because, it can teach us how to love.

3. we should believe that we are strong and courageous.

Ans. We should believe that we are strong and courageous because all the strength is within us and only then can we get our life out of difficult situations and live to cherish it.

Q3. Make a list of any six things that the poet wants us to accept as true.

Ans. The six things that the poet wants us to accept as true are :

1. that miracles do happen and dreams do come true

2. that we have all the strength and courage within us to fight difficulties

3. that we are never alone

4. that life is a wonderful gift we must cherish it

5. that there are wonderful surprises are just waiting for us

6. that all our hopes and dreams are within our reach

Q4. Find from the poem, positive qualities to fill up the web.

Q5. Read the lines below. Find from the poem three other examples of Epigram.

1. To believe is to find the strength and courage that lies within us.

2. To believe is to know we are never alone.

3. That life is a gift and this is our time to cherish it.


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