Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya | Passage English – Part 1 | 2019

The blog presents the previous year question paper of 2019, two passages from language section along with their answers. The students preparing for the JNVST can practise the questions given here to have a good score in the entrance test.

Directions (Passages 3- 4) There are four passages in this section. Each passage is followed by five questions . Read each passage carefully and answer the question that follow. For each question four probable answers bearing letters (A), (B), (C) and (D) are given. Only one out of these is correct. You have to choose the correct answer.

Passage 1.

In April, just two weeks before the examinations, Swami realized that his father was changing – for the worse. He was becoming fussy and difficult. When Swami was seen chatting with his granny, he was told, “Remember boy, there is examination. Your granny can wait, not your examination.”
If he was moving behind his mother, he was caught and sent to his desk. If his voice was heard anywhere after the Taluka Office clock had struck nine, a command would come from his father’s room, “Swami, why haven’t you
gone to bed yet? You must get up early and study a bit.” One day, he asked his father, “Why are you so nervous about my examination?”

1. The word command in the passage means :

A. to respect
B. to punish
C. to catch
D. to order

2. When the Taluka Office gong struck nine, Swami had to :

A. study
B. get up from bed
C. go to bed
D. go to school

3. When did Swami that his father was changing ?

A. in April
B. in May
C. in June
D. in July

4. What did his father become ?

A. happy and simple
B. sad and angry
C. angry and fussy
D. fussy and difficult

5. Where was Swami sent to, when he was seen walking behind his mother ?

A. to the teacher
B. to his desk
C. to his father’s room
D. to the bedroom

ANSWERS: 1 (D), 2(C), 3(A), 4(D), 5(B)

Passage 2:

Chewing gum was discovered a thousand years ago by the Mayans in the Mexican jungles. They found a liquid leaking from a sapodilla tree.
As it oozed out, it thickened into something that they called chicle which chewable and tasty. Today, workers called chicleros still collect chicle. The chicle is boiled to remove the water. It is then made into slabs about 30
pounds each or 14 kilograms each. These slabs are sent to gum factories. There it is mixed with several ingredients to sweeten, soften and colour the gum.

1. ………. discovered chewing gum.

A. the Mayans
B. Sapodillas
C. Chicleros
D. Gum factories

2. ………. are the workers who collect chicle.

A. Sapodillas
B. The Mayans
C. Chicleros
D. Gummers

3. Slabs of Chicle are sent to :

A. recycling centres
B. gum factories
C. the Mexican jungles
D. candy stores

4. Several ingredients are added to chicle to do all the following except to ………. it.

A. soften
B. flavour
C. thicken
D. sweeten

5. A suitable title for the passage will be :

A. The Gum
B. Chiclero
C. The Story of Chiclero
D. The Story of Chewing Gum

ANSWERS: 1 (A), 2(C), 3(B), 4(C), 5(D)


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